Many of you who is here on this page must be heard about the affiliate program offered by the Hostgator.

So, in this article, we are going to review the HostGator affiliate program. In this review, we are going to touch on many aspects like “what is Hostgator?”, Ways to join the Hostgator affiliate program, how it works, how to promote, Affiliate commissions, payment commissions, and many more. Let’s start the detailed review:

What is Hostgator?

Hostgator Affiliate Review

Hostgator is a renowned web-hosting provider that mainly emphasized the WordPress hosting solution and recommend by of WordPress). It used to offer shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and many more.

How to Join Hostgator affiliate Program?

Joining the affiliate program of Hostgator is very simple and easy to use even for non-techy people. So to join the platform, you must consider the following path and the path is listed below:

  • Go to the official website of hostgator
  • Search Affiliate program in the footer of Hostgator
  • it will rediurect you to impact
  • Fill the signup form
  • accept the terms,
  • Your application will be send to hostgator for approval
  • Wait for 7 to 10 days for approval
  • After Approval – You are ready to go.

Hence, you are an approved user of the Hostgator affiliate program and now, you can promote the hosting offered by the Hostgator.

How to promote the Hostagtor Affiliate program?

The promotion of the Hostgator affiliate program is very easy to do as we found during its review

hostgator promo code

To ensure better productivity and enhanced sale of your Hostgator products, you need to acquire great traffic from the search or social medium.

You should also ensure that you have the right promo code and the promo code should offer a huge discount on the billing amount. As many users use the search engines for promo codes while signup for the product.

For more details on how to promote an affiliate product – read our guide: Want to Make Money While Sleep with Affiliate Marketing – How!

Hostgator Affiliate Commission Rates:

The commission rates offered by the Hostgator is very simple. The commission rates usually increase with the increase in the number of signup per month and commission rates are listed below:

  • 1-5 monthly sales– $65 /signup
  • 6-10 monthly sales– $75 /signup
  • 11-20 monthly sales– $100 /signup
  • 21+ monthly sales – $125 /signup


The payment earned by you in form of a commission will credit to your account after the 70 days of the conversion. As the HostGator use to offer 45 days of money back guaranty upon the cancellation of the purchase.

After 70 days the amount will be credited to your impact account.

The amount can be withdrawn from your IMPACT account if the threshold of 50 dollars has been breached.

Amount from your account can be withdrawn easily by two low-cost international payment methodsPAYPAL, Wire Transfer.

Best alternative to Hostgator Affiliate Program:

There are lots of alternative HostGator affiliate programs. Some of these are pretty good and offers passive earning for you. Some of These affiliate programs you can promote are listed below:

  • Cloudways: Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider powered by Digital ocean, Linode, Vultr, and many other. The commision rate of the cloudways is upfront $30 plus 7% of billing ammount on the recurring basis.
  • Coinbase: Coinbase is a USA based crypto trading platform that enables buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptos. They are with a mission to create an open financial system based on cryptos. Some of the silent features of cryptos are listed below:
  • Ezoic: Ezoic is AI (Artificial Intelligence) based platform which simplifies complex Internet infrastructure like ad optimization, Layout Testing, CDN and Revenue optimization for Publisher. Thus, Ezoic helped you by saving your time in doing these tasks. The primary focus of ezoic AI-based platform is to provide a great experience to your user while Increase in Revenue to the Publisher or Webmaster. Thus, both of you will have a win-win situation. – It use offer 3% of the total revenue of the user.
  • Freshworks Affiliate PRogram: Freshworks Affiliate program is a CPA based affiliate program with a dual payment system i.e $5 every time you bring in a lead and 15% of the deal value when the lead becomes a paying customer.

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