Hey guys, In this article, we are going to review Uffiliates affiliate network. In this Uffiliates Review, we are going to touch on every possible aspect as like “what is Uffiliates?”, its CPC, CPM, Requirements, alternatives and many more. Let’s continue the Uffiliates review in detail:

What are Uffiliates?

Uffiliates review

Uffiliates is a leading affiliate ad network established in 2009. Currently, It has 500+ staffs. It is a house of more than 600k+ affiliate ad publishers and 1700+ advertisers around the world with a sale of more than 5M$. Currently, it has its offices in more than 8 countries. It uses to mainly offer casino app Referal, Poker referral and another one.

How to integrate Uffiliates with your website?

Integration of Uffiliates with your website can be done in Following easy steps:

  • Go to the official website of Uffiliates
  • Fill your Email and click on signup through Facebook or Email in the Form.
  • Get your Email verified
  • Open the portal of Uffiliates
  • Submit your website for approval to Affiliate provider.

Vertical Offered by Uffiliates:-

Currently, Uffiliates offers almost every vertical. Most of the affiliate ad in the Uffiliates marketplace are listed below:

  • Technology
  • Online Tools
  • and many other tools.

Payment Method of Uffiliates:-

For Now, Uffiliatesoffer following method to pay its publisher. These payment method are listed below:

  • CHECK,
  • ACH, AND

Payment Terms:

Nowadays, we find Uffiliates pay its publisher after reaching a threshold of 50$ while it offers ad in form of CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS.

Requirements to Join Uffiliates:

During our Uffiliates affiliate ad network review, we find these are the basic requirements of the Uffiliatesad network. These Requirements are listed below:

  • No Violent images or messages that promote violence;
  • You should not publish content that encourages Promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age;
  • The publisher should not publish content that encourages Promotion of illegal activities;
  • You should not publish content that encourages Promotion or display of defamatory, libellous or harmful material or material that otherwise infringes upon the rights of Uffiliates or any third parties, including intellectual property rights and rights of personality;
  • You should not publish Content that is inconsistent with Uffiliates’s policies and/or practices;
  • Spamming of a participant’s users who have registered for the Uffiliates services is highly restricted.
  • No Adult, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libellous, infringing, abusive, or includes illegal content, does not promote hate or discrimination, facilitates the sale of firearms or illegal drugs, or participates or encourages participation in illegal activities is allowed.
  • Online Gambling. Uffiliates restricts the promotion of the following gambling-related content: Offline and online gambling, gambling-related information, games played for money or prizes,casino-based games, regardless of whether money is exchanged;
  • Every size of the website is allowed
  • No page View or visitors Requirements

Leading Uffiliates Alternative:

In this section, we will try to conclude the best alternative of the Uffiliates ad network that we found during the Uffiliates review. These alternative are listed below:


Adsterra is a Premium ads network established in 2003, serving more than 25b Geo-targeted ads around the world. Before Covid, they only approve website which has more than 1 Lakh page view per month but nowadays, they are approving small website with Quality Traffic. The headquarters of adsterra is in Cyprus. Here a detailed review of adsterra with the best alternative and CPM.


Propellerads is a Cyprus based ads Network founded in 2011. Now a day, it serves more than 2.5B+ Impression on a daily basis while it has a reach to more than 40% of Internet User’s around the world which makes it top one of biggest ads network around the world. However, it’s popunder and push-notification ads are only for movies or song downloading website while it’s native ads are only for the normal blog or websites. Here a detailed review with alternative, cpc, and payment proof of propellerads.


Revcontent is a CPC and CPM based self-serving ad network established in 2013 by Revcontent LTD in the USA by John Lemp. During Revcontent Review, we find it only offers ads in Native as well as Push Notification. One of Its Good Alternative Is Nativo which is a Native ad network. Here a detailed review of the best alternative to revcontent.


Adworkmedia is a CPA based Affiliate Network based in USA whereas established by Adwork media in 2010. Adwork media mainly offers LINKS of Affiliate Product, Content Locking, CPA, CPS and Many types of Affiliate Earning. Here a detailed review of Adworkmedia with the best alternative to it.


Popads is a pop-under ads Network for both Mainstreams as well as Adult ads Network. It is a popular ads network based on Pops established in 2012. Now a day it dominates more than 40% of the Pop market. Thus, it becomes the biggest Pop ad Network. Here a detailed review of Popads/Popads.net with the best alternative to it.


Adcash is a CPM based ad space buying and selling marketplace established by Christophe Avignon and Thomas Padovani in 2007. In Adcash Publisher and Advertisers can buy or sell their ad space. They offer automatic Approval. Here a detailed review of adcash with the best alternative to it.


Clicksor is a CPM based ad space buying and selling marketplace established by Patrick Jeng in 2004(200 Consumers Rd, Toronto, Ontario M2J 4R4, ). In Clicksor Publisher and Advertisers can buy or sell their ad space. Here a detailed review with the best alternative to it.


Adnow is an Ads Network which was Introduced in 2014 by the Bunch of some Digital Marketer and Big Data Analyst. The ad Network started to Work in 2015, they are becoming smarter day by day as from there they updated their Algorithm more than 15 time. Since 2015, Adnow is a Hub of more than 150k publishers and serves more than 4B impression on daily Basis. These are the Data given by Adnow. Here a detailed review with the best alternative to it.


Infolinks is Marketplace based in New Zealand. It is popular for Text to link ads. Nowadays, it serves more than 100,000 websites, 240 million monthly Unique visitor, 1.5 billion ads serves thus become 3rd largest ads Publisher marketplace in the world. Here a detailed review of Infolinks with the best alternative.


Yllix was introduced in 2012, being a moderate ads Network, it offers high earnings. During our review, we find Yllix offers CPC, CPM and CPA ads to WEBMASTER for monetization of their content. Here a detailed review of yllix with the best alternative.


Adblade is a native ad network established in 2008 having CPC as ad model based in Somerville, NJ and has offices in New York City, Philadelphia, and Buffalo, NY. Here a detailed review with the best alternative to Adblade.


Clickadu is a premium ad space buying and selling marketplace established by Benjamin Fonzé in 2014. In Clickadu Publisher and Advertisers can buy or sell their ad space. Here a detailed review with the best alternative to Clickadu.

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