Are you running a wordpress Website? If yes, then, you must need a website that is really fast and help you to gain a good rank in the SERP of the search engine.

This good ranking in the SERPs of your website require Very Fast Theme, Very Light-Weight Plugin, Great Content, and a good marketing strategy.

So, In this article, we are going to discuss the best wordpress theme for Affiliate Marketing, Agency, architecture, authors, and many more.

How to choose a theme for WordPress?

There are thousands of the theme is available around the Globe for WordPress community. Most of us get confused in the process of the selection best theme for your website.

We have sorted some benchmarks that are going to help you in the selection of the perfect theme for your wordpress website. Let’s start the discussion of these benchmarks.

  1. Feature’s Flexibility: Your theme should give you the flexibility to add or remove the feature of the Theme.
  2. Built-in SEO: The theme should come with a built-in feature that can help you to optimize the website’s SEO.
  3. Light-Weight Theme: The theme should be Lightweight as the light theme is a demand of the hour for SEO.
  4. Integration with page builders: Many of us want a custom look for our website, this custom look can only be achieved by the page-builders. So, your theme needs to compatible with almost every WordPress plugin.
  5. Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design: We all known ratio of traffic from mobile is greater than the traffic from the traffic generated from the desktop. So, your website must be mobile friendly.
  6. eCommerce Compicatable: The WordPress theme you choose should support eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, Shopify, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. These e-commerce plugin will help you to sell your product digitally.
  7. Integrates with popular WordPress plugins: Your wordpress website must be compatible with major and popular plugin in this WordPress universe.
  8. Multi-linguality: If your WordPress theme is translated in multiple language then the WordPress theme will rank higher in the SERPs of the Search Engine due to the multi-lingulity.

Now, we have to explore the best wordpress theme which is going to enhance your ranking in SERP and engagment with your users.

Best WordPress Theme Affiliate Marketing:

In this section of the article, we have listed the best wordpress theme which is going to improve the ranking in the SERPs and engagement for the affiliate based website. Let’s take a look:

Astra: Best Theme for Affiliate Marketing

astra best wordpress multipurpose theme

Astra is multi-purpose wordpress theme. It is a Fastest, Lightweight, and Highly Customizable WordPress Theme. It has flaw as it offer jquery migration which make it CPU-intensive theme but good caching will make your wordpress really fast.

It comes with massive customization with hook, Layout Setting and many more to improve your SEO.

Divi – Ultimate WordPress Theme with Page Builder

divi wordpress theme

Divi is one of my favourite wordpress themes as it is really fast with responsive editing, True Visual Editing, Text Editing and many more. The page builder is really fast. The theme used to come with jquery which makes it a slow website but good caching and aggressive CDN like blazzingCDN will make the theme really beast in the world of WordPress.

OceanWP: Multi-purpose Theme

Oceanwp wordpress theme

Oceanwp is a ELEMENTOR page builder Page-Ready theme. It has 4,019,651 DOWNLOAD around the globe. It is a lite-weight wordpress theme but it comes up with jQuery. The Jquery makes it slow but better caching makes it a powerful and fast wordpress theme.

Best WordPress Theme for Digital Agency:

When we think about the digital agency company agency. We should always be confident about the website speed, security, or any other thing. The webmaster needs to build a perfect user experience for your customer.

As this user exprience is going to Impact Digital Agency’s Revenue and ROI. That’s why we have researched some of the best wordpress theme which can help the website to improve ROI. These themes are listed below:

Authority Pro:

The wordpress theme Authority pro is backed and it is a child theme of Genesis Framework. (Gensis framework is a most used framework in the wordpress Community developed by WP Engine and GCP.)

The look and the speed offered by this theme is marvellous. This wordpress theme will help your digital agency to grow and build authority on a massive scale at a digital agency. The javascript used by the theme is fast.

Kickstart Pro Theme:

The kickstart pro is also a genesis framework-based WordPress theme. Popular webmaster like NEIL PATEL uses this theme on its website. This theme is really fast but its Jquery Migration makes it slow but the better caching and servers like cloudways server will make your website very fast.

Mai Reach Theme:

Mai Reach Theme wordpress

Mai Reach Theme is one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes. This theme has every feature, you need to run your site and help you get massive numbers of leads on your website. This lead will help you to grow your website at a very rapid scale with a very good ROI.

Best WordPress Theme for Architecture:

Architecture is one of the most complicated arenas as well as difficult to rank across the blogging industry around the globe. So, we need the fastest and most user-friendly themes that are great for bloggers as well as users of the websites. So, some of these themes are listed below:

Building Construction Architecture

Building Construction Architecture is the child theme of  Bizberg WordPress Theme. It is one of the most popular themes for architecture segments. Currently, it has more than 5000+ active installs across the globe which accounts 30% of the blog.

Architect Architecture:

Architect Architecture is one of the most popular theme for wordpress based artitecture blogs or websites. It accounts for more than 20% of the market. Currently it has more than 2000+ active installs.

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Best WordPress theme for WooCommerce:

This is 2022, where more than 30% of online Shopping around the globe used to be done through WooCommerce CMS. If you need to find a theme that is better optimized and faster in comparison to your competitors. So, we have listed out Some of the best WordPress themes best fit for woocommerce. These themes are discussed below:


Cosmobit woocommerce theme

Cosmobit is a new, elegant, modern, and lightweight theme for woocommerce. The theme offers all the essential functionality that is required to run an e-commerce website to cater world’s needs.


It is one of my favorite themes for WordPress blogs or woocommerce websites. It used offers almost every feature you need to run a commerce store to cater to a large number of visitors.

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