Are you an affiliate marketer or want to be an affiliate marketer in the upcoming future to earn thousands of dollars as Profits on a day to day basis.

To do this you must have well-defined strategies to make affiliate ads profitable.

For profitable ROI, you just need to drive an enormous amount of traffic to your website or ad campaign.

Strategies To Make Affiliate Ads Profitable

There is only two way to drive traffic to your affiliate ads Free Traffic(Search engine Optimization) and Paid Traffic (Ad Campaign).

Before we move ahead Let us discuss some terms “What is affiliate marketing?”, “How to start?”, and many more.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Do you hear about the digital service by Google “Adsense“? If yes, you have a basic understanding of digital Advertising. If NOT, please read this complete guide on Google Adsense.

Adsense uses to monetize digital content around the Globe through CPC(Cost Per Click) and CPM(Cost per 1000 impressions) while the advertisers of affiliate marketers use to buy products based on CPA(Click Per Action).

For Example:

You bought 1GB managed WordPress Hosting from cloudways. If You buy this product from an affiliate link then the affiliate marketer earns a net of $30 per sale.

This $30 is huge in numbers but do you know this one sale requires an investment of $25 for the first sales and slightly decreases sales by sales.

Hope you understand well – For a more detailed discussion please take a look at our Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Top 17+ Strategies To Make Affiliate Ads Profitable

In this section, we are going to discuss strategies to make affiliate ads profitable. There are lots of strategies are listed below including Free and Paid methods.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers may have large social media followings, but according to a recent study, about 64% of the time their followers don’t know who’s Really directing the message. With influencer marketing, it’s not the number of followers that matters — it’s the authority of the influencers.

It helps to lower the cost of acquisition of a client for business. Thus, it helps to lower the advertising cost in the long run while it costs very high in a very short range.

You can tools like or Buzzsumo to currate content and find best influencer in your niche from tools like analisa.


earn money from blogging

The creation of textual content related to the products you offer is very crucial as helps to cut down the cost of accusation of every customer.

For Example, your brand use to cost $5 for every customer you acquire through Ads. but after the creation of the content related to the product. The cost of accusation will go down from $5 to $1.5.

Referral Links:

How long does it take for backlinks to work

To optimize the CPC of your website, you must have to create an audience related to your product. In my journey, the creation of an audience usually takes more than 40% of the net advertising ad value.

So, these referral link helps to make Strategies To Make Affiliate Ads Profitable. Let’s talk about my personal experience:

I am working with a Brand whose cost of accusation in the initial days was INR 482 and it goes down to INR 64 after 30 days of backlink creation from relevant brands.


Microsites are niche specific websites and are a great Strategies To Make Affiliate Ads Profitable. As Microsites helps to lower down the cost of every impressions of your every affiliate ads.

It helps to increase organic traffic to your website from the search engine and the social media websites.

Social Media Sites:

Mention Content creation UI

Engage to your visitors on the social media website. If you can not able create content regularly for your social channels. You can curate best content for websites around the globe.

The tools like a social animal, Ninjaoutreach, can help you to curate content.

Email Lists:


Collecting email around your is very profitable task to do in a long run. As we all know, we can easily collect email at $.01/email. But unsubscribe rate of these leads use to stand at 5% to 20%.

If you promote product through these leads, you can earn as much as $5000 per 10k email in recurring manner. This makes email marketing, one of the most important Strategies To Make Affiliate Ads Profitable.

Create Videos:

We are in 2022, the world is shifting from text consumption to video consumption with 35% YoY.

Choose Great – Profitable Products in your Niche

Put Affiliate Links Where the Most Traffic is

A/B Test Your Affiliate Links and Banners

As an affiliate marketer, your reputation is everything. If your audience doesn’t trust or believe you, you won’t earn any income. Focus on your audience first and foremost. 

How to Track Affiliate Marketing Success

How can you tell if your marketing efforts are working? By tracking metrics. 

Start with your affiliate programs dashboard, and see what this tells you. Affiliates using ad programs like Google, Facebook, or Amazon can also use their dashboards to monitor stats for individual channels.

There are also affiliate marketing tools that help track performance, gather analytics, and provide competitor data.  

Here are the key affiliate metrics to pay attention to: 

  • clickthroughs
  • ad spend
  • ROI
  • conversion rates
  • net monthly sales
  • overall revenue

These metrics will tell you how often people click on your links and how often they buy. Pay attention to what type of content is most effective at driving sales and create more of that type of content. 

How to Pick the Right Ad Marketing Strategy for Your Business in 2022

We want to help you better manage each sector of your company. That is why we decided to give you the best and most promising advice to apply in your digital and content marketing strategy. Please take notes, put them into practice, and surprise yourself with the best results.

1. Identify and understand where your business is

Taking a general but in-depth look at all the factors that affect your business is the basis for an optimal content marketing strategy. How to do it correctly? Carrying out an analysis of all the internal factors of your company, that is, the behaviour of your products and/or services within the current market, its prices, your target, and the way in which you reach your customers. It would help if you also analyze the behaviour of the competition through studies and metrics of external actions to recognize where you are in the current market.

Finally, analyzing the social situation of the territory where you are is also very important to know how and when to transmit the message of your content.

2. Dominate your target audience

You must be clear to whom the information you provide is directed since the content of each company varies depending on the target audience. Identifying the buyer persona, that is, a profile that represents your ideal audience is essential to prevent your content from reaching people with little interest, receiving fewer visits, and reducing the number of sales. Remember that all the types of content you make must provide added value to your users, the user is the centre of attention, and for this, you must know them as well as possible.

So here, the exercise consists of compiling information on the personality of the users you are looking to reach, knowing their age, gender, position, and what needs they have. In this way, you can generate content according to their characteristics.

3. Plan your content

Like any project, your content marketing strategy needs a plan to organize the actions to be carried out, both in the short and long term. Establish dates, types of content, priorities, managers, dissemination channels, etc. It will help you to be constant and active, which will maintain the interest of your users, making your audience loyal and obtaining potential clients.

If you have a team of professionals who support your marketing plan by carrying out different types and formats of content, it is important that you find a tool for communication and organization of tasks so that everyone focuses and directs them to meet the main objective of organizing priorities and action times.

4. Take advantage of visual resources

The preference for visual content among Internet users is increasing more and more. Users are more drawn to an infographic video that they can capture in minutes than they are to long, flat text.

To increase visibility in online broadcast channels, you must include visual formats, from photographs in your blog post to the tutorial or promotional videos on your social networks, since these resources reinforce your content by providing information in a dynamic, original and entertaining way.

The best thing is that you will increase web traffic thanks to these formats, since they are very valuable to Google, as they are the ones that Internet users like the most.

5. Tailor the content to your customers

When you know your objectives, your buyer persona, and your content marketing plan, you must adapt them based on the life cycle of each client. All users are different, depending on the knowledge they have of your company.

They will need a type of different content. For this reason, it is important to sectorize the contents of your blog, or your YouTube channel, by themes or labels, as well as the sending of your newsletters and mailings. The organization of your content will depend on what each of your users is looking for at a certain moment.

6. Update your Old content

Although one of the keys to the success of your content is to innovate, it is also to update and keep them up to date. This will enhance your SEO strategy and make users find you easily thanks to your current content, also fostering their interest in the resources you provide, with quality content.

7. Plan your SEO content strategy

Have you heard of SEO and keywords? Aspects that you should incorporate into your content with which you will identify numerous benefits.

One of the most relevant aspects of optimizing online and content marketing strategies is SEO – Search Engine Optimization – which helps the positioning of a website in search results.

If you want a good positioning in search engines, you’d better develop different actions within the framework of an SEO strategy, thus promoting traffic growth and monetizing your content. In addition, by working with an SEO strategy, you can increase the conversion rate and return on investment in your web pages.

8. Link own and external pages

When you have extensive content within your business blog, the best option to make it known to your users is to link your posts with each other and complement them with different related topics. So your users do not lose the information you provide, and your content continues to be visited frequently.

On the other hand, you can also link your content to third-party web pages, so you create a supportive space that encourages the creation of new relationships to reach new users and expand your audience. In addition, by establishing links with other web pages, you facilitate the positioning of your post and strengthen your SEO exercise.

9. Properly disseminate your content

Surely you have quality content, very original and suitable for each client, but to have the desired success, you need to carry out an appropriate dissemination strategy and share what you have created.

Take advantage of all the programming and dissemination tools that exist in the market, so your content will reach the largest number of people within your target audience, which benefits your client portfolio and enhances the good reputation of your company.

10. Analyze your results and identify points for improvement

As we usually comment, only what we can measure can be improved. That is why the results metrics are so important.

Use project measurement tools to know how your content has behaved within your target audience, discover the percentage of traffic to your website, leads, conversions, visits, etc. All the KPI’s necessary for a complete analysis. Thus, by detecting what works best and what doesn’t, you will improve your content campaigns and creation efforts.

FAQs About Affiliate Marketing in 2022

How do I find affiliate marketing partners?

Begin by looking at affiliate marketing networks in your niche. Compare the types of products, commissions, and payment methods.

Look at the tools and products you already use. Hosting companies and marketing tools often have affiliate programs. 

Another way is to look for well-known sites in your niche and see if they have an affiliate program. Or just search for “affiliates + your niche” and go through the results. How do I start affiliate marketing from scratch?

1. First up, decide on your platform. You don’t need to be a blog or newsletter, although some programs have restrictions. 
2. Choose products to promote that are of interest to your audience.
3. Read the terms and conditions and apply for the affiliate program.
4. Add your links to blog posts, newsletters, long-form content, underneath your videos on YouTube and social media.
5. Finally, don’t forget to mention the link your sharing is for an affiliate product, and you’re receiving a commission. What type of content is best for affiliate marketing?

Wherever you can link affiliate products naturally—for instance, if you review pet products, add a direct link so your readers can click through and make a purchase. 

Or send out a list of the best presents for pets in the run-up to holidays and share it in a newsletter or as a YouTube video review with your affiliate links underneath.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Software and Tools

If you’re looking to step up your affiliate marketing game, advanced affiliate marketing tools can help you speed things up and get better results. Here are a few popular options:

Pretty LinksThis tool was specifically created to help affiliate marketers manage links and redirects. Redirects are essential for a few reasons. They help your links look better (hence the software’s name), they help you keep things organized, and they prevent bad actors from finding your affiliate links and trying to modify or poach them.

AnyTrack: AnyTrack is useful if you want to know more about where your affiliate clicks are coming from. It allows you to integrate and track your links with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. 

CAKE: CAKE’s affiliate marketing software helps you optimize your campaigns so that you can increase your traffic and earnings.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training and Courses

Maybe you’d like to dig deeper into advanced affiliate marketing. To learn more, check out these courses and other training resources:

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